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Monday, September 18, 2006

Rock Star: The Aftermath

So, Lukas won. Is anyone surprised? Not me, this is what I wrote after his first performance:

"Lukas is very intense, and has the kind of stage presence you can't look away from. He's got a real chance at winning this based on the first show alone. I predict he's Top 5 for sure."

I hate how predictable the ending of Rock Star was this year. Once Ryan (and to a lesser extent, Storm) got eliminated the show really took a nose dive for me. It also seemed like they kept recycling the same old songs for the Top 4 and I was extremely bored. I should have put money on Lukas to win this, it was pretty clear he was Tommy Lee's favorite from the very first show. And in fact, from what I've heard, Supernova knew they wanted Lukas after his initial audition (which was an acoustic version of "Headspin" BTW).

And while I appreciate RS for what it is - a great showcase for artists who haven't yet broken through on a national (or international) level, it would have been nice to have some surprises along the way, or at least the feeling anyone but Lukas had a chance here. I remember back to the second week when Toby asked Supernova if anyone other than Lukas would win. He was too right. Lucky for Toby though, he became best mates with Lukas and the two of them are now shacked up at Tommy Lee's rock star mansion.

Even though I thought I'd never find another artist from one of these "reality" shows to follow, I was wrong. In fact, I think I like Ryan best of all my reality TV boyfriends from a strictly musical standpoint. He writes interesting, complex, thought-provoking lyrics and the instrumentation on his songs range from lush to bare to balls-out crazy. I love seeing artists put everything they have into their music, and I've never doubted for a minute that Ryan lays it all out there every single time he gets on stage. I think he has a huge career in front of him, and evidently people in high places (like Mark Burnett) agree with me. The guy even helped Ryan record and release a live CD the week of the Rock Star finale. I think he really believes in what Ryan does, for which I'm grateful because I don't think any of the Supernova guys ever did.

The Top 5 will all be touring with Supernova this winter/spring. It remains to be seen whether they'll all be at every concert or if it will be more of a rotating lineup. There's no way I would pay to see over an hour straight of Lukas singing so I'll be sitting that one out. If Ryan decides to play at my local SN show, I could perhaps be talked into it. But truth be told, I hope Ryan gets far away from Supernova and lets his solo career take off. I honestly do think he'll be looking down at SN on the charts, what Ryan is truly fresh and original while SN is simply recycling 80's party rock. Hopefully I'll get to see Ryan live and will be able to tell him how much his music touches and inspires me.

Well, that's it. Rock Star is now over! Lost should be starting soon, which I might recap again. I did notice that TWoP doesn't do Nip/Tuck and since that is a favorite of mine maybe I'll try my hand there. Smooches - I'm out!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rock Star Performance Show - Week 10

Original Airdate: September 5, 2006

Well, it is down to the wire - only five rockers left. And Tuesday's performances showed me there are really only two choices for Supernova - Toby or Lukas. Which one they'll pick is anyone's guess. IMO if they want someone who can deliver their music as-is and can blend into the band seamlessly, it's Toby. If they want to take a chance and go more in the alt-emo direction it will be Lukas. I guess we'll find out next week, but now on with the show!

One quick note: Brook was sweet enough to point out that Ryan's "Back of Your Car" was one of the Top 10 downloads on MSN music last week. He also had two others in the Top 10 - yay! His solo CD (Songs from the Eye of an Elephant) and band CD (Stage - This is Stage) are both available for download on iTunes and are awesome, I cannot recommend either enough. I really hope Ryan is invited back to do an encore on Finale night, he certainly deserves it and I'd love to see "Back of Your Car" one more time on national TV.

Okay, now I'm serious. Here's my rundown of the performances:

Dilana - Behind Blue Eyes / Supersoul

This chick is done. She crashed, burned, dusted herself off, then bitched about it endlessly. BOTH of her songs this week reflect her smackdown and it just reeks of self-pity. I feel for her because her calf injury is probably extremely painful, but even without any visual her performances vocally just didn't cut it this week. I liked the first half of "Behind Blue Eyes," probably better than any of her songs since "Time After Time." But then she resorted back to the raspy growl and never looked back. "Supersoul" is an idiotic song, the title alone gives that away. Did anyone else notice her blue extensions flying off her head during the end of her performance? Ick. But other than that, I thought Dilana was dressed very nicely. The makeup was astonishingly low-key, she actually looked pale and a bit ill. No matter what else though, this girl is no longer a frontrunner. In fact, she's my top pick for the boot tomorrow. I kinda feel bad, because she's going to be so crushed if she doesn't win, but I hope she picks herself up and keeps going because she obviously has something special that a lot of people connect with.

Magni - Back in the USSR / When the Time Comes

I feel like I say the same thing about Magni each week. He's got an amazing voice, great control, excellent rapport with the House Band, and is totally lacking that indefinable "it" factor the rest of the contestants have in spades. He is just too laid back in his performing style to compete with the rest of the rockers' in-your-face theatrics. I actually didn't care for "Back in the USSR," it wasn't very interesting vocally and I was bored halfway through. His original was all kinds of awesome though, I was hooked right away with that amazing opening guitar riff. I think the best thing that could happen for Magni is that he makes the finale and is offered a spot on the tour singing lead and playing guitar with the House Band. He certainly fits with them better than he does with SN. I'm also totally amazed how well his song translated into English, and that it's actually his third language (after Icelandic and Danish). Smart guy.

Storm - Suffragette City / Ladylike

I think we finally were treated to the "real" Storm this week, and I liked it! This Storm is totally badass, a little bit masculine, and in total control of the stage. It was so cool that Dave Navarro played with her but I had a hard time hearing him through the sound mix. Maybe it'll sound better the second time. I don't really care for "Suffragette City" but Storm certainly handled the song ten times better than Tara Sloane did last season. Storm's original, "Ladylike," was killer. Although I disagree with Dave that it's the best original of both seasons. "Pretty Vegas" is obviously at the top, being a real radio hit, and Ryan's "Back of Your Car" was also better. Come to think of it, I also liked Deanna's "My Truth" quite a bit as well. Anyway, Storm's original was certainly the best of the night and finally got the praise from SN that had been withheld the entire season. I still don't think she's got a chance in hell of winning this thing, but it looks more and more like she may sneak into the finale over Magni or Dilana.

Lukas - Livin' on a Prayer / Headspin

Lukas looked quirky and amazing last night, I still don't find the little troll attractive but I dug his black and white pirate getup. It's certainly refreshing that at least one of the contestants this year pays attention to their appearance. The fashion on the show this year sucked, and I hate to say it but for next season they should bring back Ellie Mae! Moving on to "Livin' on a Prayer," Lukas managed to both rearrange it and mumble through it so that I didn't recognize it. Seriously, if they wouldn't have announced the title before he started singing, I'd probably still be scratching my head. Needless to say, I didn't love it. His original, "Headspin," was a lot better. It was touching to hear about how the song was about his relationship with his mother. It would have really been touching if I could have understood more of the song lyrics though. Lukas has stage presence and charisma to stare, but I really think his voice and lack of enunciation may sink him in the end.

Toby - Mr. Brightside / Throw it Away

Toby's been my pick to win for a few weeks now, and I stand by my opinion. He's been my second favorite the entire season, and has come on extremely strong in the last few weeks. He also gets better looking each week, which I seriously didn't think was possible. Mr. Pretty Eyes certainly earned his nickname this week, and without the guyliner! Anyway, I didn't really love his "Mr. Brightside," Marty's version last year was so original and moving. But it was a solid effort and the crowd loved it. I think he really sealed the deal with his original. It was fun, energetic, had a great beat and chorus you could sing along with, and most importantly, could be put on a CD with the existing SN tracks and blend in seamlessly. He is just the perfect fit, and how cute was Tommy when he was spanking Toby? I think with Toby as their lead singer, the guys of SN would have a fabulous time no matter if they lasted a year or ten.

Here's my ranking for the evening (and coincidentally how I think the finale will shake out):
1) Toby
2) Lukas
3) Storm
4) Magni
5) Dilana

Friday, September 01, 2006

Rock Star Performance Show: Week 9

Original Airdate: August 27, 2006
Note: Pics up later.

So, I'm a little late with this one. It's been a rough week for me and Rock Star, as obviously everyone knows my favorite Ryan got eliminated this week. But I think I've worked through it and am still interested to see who wins. There's still some great talent on the show, although the only chance I'd buy a SN CD or see a SN concert flew right out the window this week. I honestly thought Ryan would make the band better (especially seeing as his original was much, much cooler than the 3 crap songs Supernova has played on the show). But anyway, this performance show was very good, even though it was Fan Choice week. Everyone stepped it up a notch, which was great to see.

Lukas - Lithium

Well, if you're a Lukas fan you obviously loved this. I'm not a Lukas fan and I liked it quite a bit. That is a first for me (well except I kinda sort liked a little bit of "Creep"), and the guy just might be growing on me. Supernova seems to love him and I still think he's a lock for the win or runner-up. Lukas rearranged "Lithium" because he doesn't like Nirvana and it was actually really good. The House Band rocked it as always. Lukas was a hard act to follow!

Magni - I, Alone

Was anyone really surprised that Magni nailed this one? After receiving an encore for his version of "Dolphin's Cry," he got really lucky with another Live tune. Another weak performance and trip to the Bottom 3 would have meant the end for Magni. But he really delivered vocally and stepped it up a notch performance-wise, going out into the audience and wailing in front of the Supernova guys. One big problem I have with Magni is that he never really changes up any of his songs, they're all straight covers. He also never takes any real risks on the show, and has been very steady but never shocking or spectacular. Because of that, I don't think he's going to win. Although he'd be awesome with the House Band opening for SN.

Ryan - Clocks

Out of all of the contestants this week, Ryan got screwed the worst with this song. What could he do? If he sang it behind the piano, it would be too low-key for SN (not to mention repetetive after LMR). If he didn't use the piano, he'd be turning his back on all his fans who love that part of his performances. So he decided to combine the two, and managed to also rearrange the song so that it almost sounded like a real "rock" song instead of the original snoozer. Ryan really knows how to put on a show and get the audience into it, he had me as soon as he jumped up on top of the piano. Then he lept off of it. Then he slid across it just in time to play the all-too-familiar sequence. Then he crawled across the top of it and ended up on his knees just wailing away. Yum! The only problem I have with Ryan's theatrics is that sometimes his vocals suffer because he's too busy putting on a show. But that's what SN wanted right???

Storm - Bring Me to Life

Storm also got the shaft this week. She is an encyclopedia of musical knowledge, and wasn't familiar with the Evanescence hit. So she not only got a brand-new song but it also was too high for her natural range. Storm also didn't help herself this week by letting Toby sing with her during the chorus. One of the HB guys could have done it just as well, and the TV cameras probably wouldn't have shown them so much! Although Toby wasn't trying, he definitely stole some of Storm's spotlight. SN made it very clear they don't dig her, and it's only a matter of time before she goes home. Which is a bummer, because I love her. She's been my favorite female throughout this competition, and I love how she never takes any crap from SN. I think they actually might be a little scared of her wicked sharp tongue - love it!!

Toby - Rebel Yell

Toby got a song I knew he would kill. He did a good version of "White Wedding" a few weeks ago, and what's one more Billy Idol song? This one is actually better than WW because it's such a crowd pleaser. How can anyone not get into it and yell "More, more, more, more!" Toby looked hot as always and made his way down to the rocker pod, into the audience, and almost to the very back of the studio (there are bleachers back there - who knew?). But the best part of his performance came at the very end, when he took a few cute young fangirls up on stage with him. They loved him, he loved them, and Tommy Lee was all over it. Good call on checking their ID's before bringing them to meet TL - they definitely weren't legal! Ever since Toby played with SN last week (on the best of the 3 songs IMO), he's really moved up into contention. I like Toby for the win right now, he just "fits" with the band.

Dilana - Mother Mother

Of course, after all the Dilana-drama last week, she gets the pimp spot. Frankly, I hated pretty much everything about this performance. She didn't sound good, didn't look good, and looked like she was just barely playing her guitar. I hated how she used her hair as a headbanging prop, she's so pretty when it's pulled back or just straight. She is so OTT it is ridiculous. But SN loved it, and still loves her. That is clear. But is she right for their band, with the crying and the freaking out? IMO not so much. These guys are too old for that shit, even Tommy. They need someone who will get the job done, have a good time doing it, and above all keep their cool.

I'm not even going to bother with the Top 3/Bottom 3 stuff. I'm so bummed Ryan went home, when I thought that both Storm and Dilana gave much worse performances, and the rest of the guys IMO were about even with him. I know I couldn't vote for about an hour and a half on the East Coast because the MSN servers crashed. Would that have made a difference in the long run? No clue, but it is certainly questionable.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Rock Star Results Show - Week 8

Original Airdate: August 23, 2006

This week the theme of the Rock Star Results show is "Dilana is a big fat bitch." I was going to write a summary of what happened and just how bad Dilana came off, but I choose not to dwell on that negativity. Suffice it to say that Dilana may have just lost the competition based on her offstage antics.

The rocker chosen to play with Supernova this week is Toby - a bit of a surprise. Also surprising is how good Toby looks up there with the band. He fits in seamlessly and is helped by getting a better song to sing than last week's disaster. Also, no strippers, for which I am grateful. The lyrics still left something to be desired, the chorus essentially went "Hey hey hey, ho ho ho." Great for a crowd sing along, but not exactly Grammy-winning stuff.

There was no encore, and I think that's because it would have went to Ryan (again) and SN didn't want their weaker song to go up against Ryan's kick-ass original. There also just may not have been enough time due to the Dilana ass-kicking. Either way - I win! Ryan's moving up and Dilana's moving down, woo hoo!

Bottom 3 time. Magni is called down first, and the SN guys don't much like it but we're getting down to the wire here. Good performers are going to be B3 and will have to go home, it's just the nature of the show. However, Magni pulls off a great performance that assures him another week on the show. He does "Fire" by Jimi Hendrix and along with Rafael, plays some mean guitar solos.

Patrice is up next and does "Middle of the Road" by the Pretenders. It is boring as always. She somehow manages to cut her lip during the performance and is noticeably bleeding. Ever chivalrous, Magni uses his sleeve to wipe it away. Awww - I love that guy.

The last member of the Bottom 3 is a newbie - Toby. He sings "Plush" and is pretty good. As always, he is much more entertaining to watch than to listen to. If you were to combine his stage presence with Magni's voice you'd have one hell of a good rocker.

So, who goes home? Well, as most everyone knows (considering this is so late getting posted), it's Patrice. Tommy Lee looked really upset giving her the news, but Patrice took it like the classy pro she is. I'm not sure what kind of success she'll find after the show, but I'm sure she's at least found a lot of new fans who will buy her CD and see her in Austin.

Next week is Fan Choice performances. Last week everyone did their "Wild Card" pick which ensured no repeat songs from the same rockers. I'm not sure that will happen this time - besides, wouldn't it be interesting to see Lukas vs. Dilana on "Lithium" or Magni vs. Ryan on "I, Alone?" The show gets taped on Sunday, so I guess I'll have to wait until then to find out!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rock Star Performance Show - Week 8

Original Airdate: August 22, 2006

Now that it's down to the final seven, this competition is starting to heat up. I'm sure we'll see some favorites struggle and some underdogs move to the top. Tonight we got two originals - one from Patrice and one from Ryan. None of the others seemed to fight very hard for them (although Storm literally wanted to box Ryan), but that could just be evil editing. Before I get to the performances I want to give a shout-out to Gilby's dog Chopper. What an adorable little guy and so well behaved! Although I'd want to make sure Chopper was up on all his shots after I saw Tommy french kiss him. Moving on . . .

Patrice - Beautiful Thing

First off, Patrice looked absolutely fabulous. By far her best look of the season. As for her song, it was all right. Pretty upbeat and poppy for Supernova though, a fact which the guys commented on. At least we know Chopper liked it, the editors flashed to him listening intently. Rafael was awesome as usual on guitar. I *heart* the House Band. I was so happy that Patrice was able to do her original song, and Tommy Lee seemed to think it had potential if it was rearranged. Me, I think she's all kinds of wrong for Supernova. But like Zayra, at least she'll go out on a high note.

Magni - Smells Like Teen Spirit

I don't like the knitted hat. He looks like someone's grandpa with that thing on. Magni has such an amazing rock voice, he can sing softer when needed and then just hit you with that sexy growly yell. And he's always perfectly on key - bonus! The big "?" for Magni is his stage presence. It seems to be improving but I'm still not sure he's got enough sparkle and that danger Supernova is looking for. I want to give a big WTF? to Tommy Lee for his comments about wanting Magni to play a guitar for this song. After he slammed Josh a few weeks ago for playing the guitar, dude needs to get off the drugs and make up his damn mind!

Ryan - Back of Your Car

Hot. Intense. Wow. What else can I say? Ryan showed more energy and charisma onstage last night than he did the entire season put together. His original song was fantastic, wonderful, and I can hear Supernova playing it in one of their concerts. Which I would attend if Ryan was fronting them, even though I swore I wouldn't. Why do I always get so invested? It seems different with Ryan though, I absolutely fell in love with his original music and don't just think he's a hottie (like some of my other reality TV singing boyfriends *coughAceYoungcough*). Although Ryan is a stone-cold fox, since he's very very taken I feel guilty lusting after him.

Storm - Cryin'

This started off like bad karaoke. Luckily Storm was able to kick it up a few notches in the middle and finished strong. Although she definitely had trouble hitting the falsetto at the end. She looked so good compared to last week - that black corset was smokin' hot. I didn't care for the black sparkly eye shadow, it looked like she let Lukas do her makeup this week. This week also marked the return of Storm's crazy eyes - yay!

Dilana - Every Breath You Take

I liked Dilana's hair this week, it is very pretty straight. I hated the eyelashes though, totally over the top and trying too hard. The tutu made her look like Lara Flynn Boyle's evil ballerina twin. I wish she'd go back to the sexy leather pants. All the costumes she got on clearance at the end of Halloween last year need to be burned. What did I think of her performance? Yawn. It was utterly average. And I HATED how she sang her own name "Dil-AH-na, Dil-AH-na" at the end, like she was trying to brainwash us into voting for her. Not likely Miss Thang - guess you gotta brush up on your spellcasting.

Toby - Layla

Pretty. Eyes. Nekkid. Chest. Mmmmmm. If Ryan weren't on this season, Toby would be my favorite for completely shallow reasons. He is so, so hot. And those pants he was wearing last night left very little to the imagination they were so low. I actually loved his performance - his rearrangement of Layla really worked as did his group sing in the rocker pod. Toby always knows how to put on a good show. But does he have the vocal chops to front this band? That's my only concern - he certainly has the charisma and the chicks love him.

Lukas - All These Things That I've Done

I love The Killers, and this song is one of my faves from their "Hot Fuss" album. For Lukas, it actually started out pretty good. I had some hope that I would finally be able to call myself a Lukas fan. But then it went downhill - fast. Like roadrunner fast. I hated how he kept turning his back to the audience (again - WTF?) and he really couldn't hit the notes during the "I Got Soul but I ain't a Soldier" refrain. It was pretty painful actually. Lukas did look great in the aviator shades and a fitted black leather jacket. He has the best style in the house IMO, even though I hate some of his fashion choices (priest collar anyone?).

So, the results show has aired but I thought Ryan, Toby and Magni were the best. My bottom 3 would have been Dilana, Storm and Patrice with Patrice leaving.

I'm hoping for all originals next week - let's see what the rest of the rockers have got! It'll be hard to top Ryan's song that's for sure!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rock Star Results Show - Week 7

This week's results show was unique in that it's the first this season that has outshone the actual performance show. It had everything - a surprise Supernova performance, dancing strippers, a gorgeous encore, three very good elimination songs, and a tearful and classy goodbye. Here's the rundown:

The show kicked off with a bang. Supernova announced that from here on out each week they would play an original track with one of the contestants. Cool! And even though they emphasized that their first pick did not indicate a winner, they chose Dilana. Yeah right, I think girlfriend has it in the bag. So she takes off her ratty sweatshirt to reveal a very tight black lace-up bustier top. Sexy!

Unfortunately, the song sucked. Hard. So bad. The backing track was the same as the one the contestants wrote lyrics to and every one of them (save Dilana) came up with something better than what was sung last night. I hope that one doesn't make the album, or at least gets some major rework. Pretty much it got slammed everywhere, and although Dilana looked good fronting Supernova, she didn't sound that great. And what was up with the Michael Jackson leg-kick move? The feedback was so negative that one of the RS producers felt the need to write a lengthy post on rockband.com defending SN and the song. Ouch! But sucks still sucks. And that sucked. Not even the strippers could save it. In fact, the strippers made it much, much worse.

Moving on, the show then took a nice turn with Ryan getting the encore for "In the Air Tonight." His outfit was a bit of that shabby-chic homeless look but he sounded even better than he did on Tuesday. Ryan changed up the ending of the song and hit a beautiful high falsetto note that went on forever. Gorgeous! I hope SN is taking a good, long look at Ryan because he has the potential to do something great with that band.

Now, on to the elimination. The only rockers to avoid the B3 at any time during the voting were Lukas, Dilana, and Ryan (yay!). The final Bottom 3 ended up being Zayra, Patrice, and Magni. I think everyone was shocked about Magni but the other two were routine and expected. Was it complacent voters, a "meh" performance, or some combination of the two? Who knows, but I was happy that Ryan wasn't there.

Z was up first and did a Blue October number which was scary and shrieky. I like her ballads but when she tries to do upbeat songs I want to poke out my ears. Then Patrice sang "Celebrity Skin" and congrats to Miss P for remembering all the words (*eyes Lukas*). She pulled out all the stops - the leaping off the stage, the wandering through the crowd and to the rocker pod, and singing to SN and Dave. It was just okay. Magni was last and chose "Creep." It was odd that two contestants performed songs Lukas has done previously, but I think that "Creep" was purely coincidental. Magni did that one for his audition and it's been his elimination choice since the first week (they don't change unless they hit B3). All that said, Magni kicked Lukas's butt completely and throughly. His vocal tone and control were fantastic, and his stage presence and connection with the audience was amazing. Loved it!

So did Supernova. They sent Magni back with no criticism at all, only a comment about how he wouldn't be going home for a long time. It was then down to Patrice and Z - to the shock of none. Both have serious issues and I wouldn't have minded a double elimination. But perhaps Patrice impressed SN in the studio with her vocals because they said she had "potential" for their band and kept her. That left Z to get the "tommyhawk." She was very sweet and gracious in her farewell speech and although I would never buy her CD or see her in concert, I wish her well. Goodbye Zayra - I'll miss your crazy ass!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rock Star Performance Show - Week 7

Original Airdate: August 15, 2006

This week's performance show has "stripped down" theme. So in honor of that, the viewing audience was "treated" to a shirtless Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the producers thought it was a bit too much skin for network TV and made them cover back up. I'm still not sure if I think that was a good thing. Anyway, I also think that "stripped down" = sucky song choices. It was overall a decent show though, a bit dull, with a couple of real trainwreck performances and a few good ones. Here goes nothing:

Zayra - Lluevia de Mar (Sea Rain)

Zayra looked beautiful, as always. That hot pink skirt was huge though and I thought at one point when she was sitting in the rocker pod it was going to eat Lukas. Anyway, it was a real gutsy move by Zayra to sing one of her originals in Spanish. It's a beautiful song, but one that really highlighted how wrong she is for Supernova. Her tune was a gorgeous Latin pop ballad and I don't think the guys are really going in that direction. Except maybe Jason - he loves him some Zayra! He was makin' some moo cow eyes at her for sure, and also gave her a standing ovation. If this is Zayra's last Tuesday performance, at least she made it a good one.

Magni - Starman

His white ice cream man / Miami vice suit was a bad choice. I hate the fact that I'm saying this but Magni - stick with black! I don't really know this song, but I know enough after the performance to not like it. At all. So I may be biased but I thought Magni kinda blew tonight. He was too low-key and very lounge-y. His voice was good, as always. The guy is certainly consistent. But boring. Also, the huge veins that pop out of the side of his head every time he reaches for a high note scare me.

Patrice - Message in a Bottle

Patrice finally looked better this week in a black vest, long black shorts, and an interesting patterned wrap/skirt around her waist. Her hair didn't look like it would scare small children so that is also an improvement. However, her performance was pretty terrible. "Message in a Bottle" isn't a very dynamic song in its original version and I agree with SN in that I'd have liked a more upbeat arrangement. She deserves Bottom 3, and I hope the guys put her out of her misery. Even though Zayra is all wrong, at least I get a kick out of watching her. Patrice is just dull, at least on this show. Maybe she's this year's Tara Sloane in that she's mad talented but nothing she's done so far on RS (exception being "My Iron Lung") has shown it.

Lukas - Hero

I'm not feeling Lukas's look. Between the sleeveless priest collar shirt, the covered up Playboy tattoo, the massively spiked hair and the return of the evil red eye shadow, it's all just saying "I'm trying too hard! I'm a big poser!" He also needs to give those lace fingerless gloves back to Madonna. On to the actual performance. Sitting in a chair was a bad idea, it just reinforced how tiny the guy is. But on the bright side, I wasn't forced to watch him do his patented drunken Frankenstein stage moves. Vocally it was weak - his upper register is not very good, no wonder he doesn't like to use it. His falsetto made me cringe. I just don't see what others do in Lukas.

Storm - I Will Survive

Whoo whoo! BOOM! That is a pretty good summary of Storm's performance - trainwreck! She had a lot of trouble rearranging the song from what was shown in the reality webisode, and the final product was pretty bad. It was some punk / rock / opera mix and was a complete mess. I could tell Storm wasn't feeling it, although she tried. Also, why did she pick that awful pinstriped business suit? It was very ill-fitted, although I heard it cost a lot of $$$ and was borrowed. Ugly - give it back honey! She might hit B3 this week, and deservedly so. I don't think she has the fanbase of Lukas to keep her out.

Toby - Solisbury Hill

Toby was just adorable tonight. Gilby (aka "Kermit") - not so much. I thought he did a good job wiith the vocals and rhythm of the song, and as always looked very hot while doing so. The bongos were a nice touch, although I'm not sure SN was feeling it like I was. Tommy looked not very impressed. Whenever I see bongos, I think of Matthew McConaughey and his naked bongo playing. Why couldn't Toby have been naked? Oh yeah, TV. Well, maybe it can be an extra on the Supernova "too hot to handle" DVD.

Ryan - In the Air Tonight

I thought Ryan looked and sounded amazing. This might just be my favorite RS performance from him, although "Losing My Religion" is right up there. That jacket was gorgeous and didn't look like he pulled it from the bottom of his dirty laundry basket - good job! The arrangement of the song was perfect as always and Ryan's style really fit the dramatic nature of the song. I think this deserves the encore but hopefully at least it'll keep him out of the Bottom 3.

Dilana - Cat's in the Cradle

I think my Dilana love is over, short-lived though it was. She butchered the lyrics of this song, both intentionally (I think) and by accident. I am one who never notices wrong lyrics, but this song is one that most people know by heart. She sang "silver moon" instead of "silver spoon" and that annoyed me. I think that was just a mistake. But then she ended each chorus with "son" instead of "dad" "dad" "son." I thought it kinda ruined the story of the song, although I'm sure there will be lots of disagreement. She'll probably get the encore, SN was all over it.

My Top 3: Ryan, Toby, Zayra (I know - WTF?)
My Bottom 3: Storm, Patrice, Dilana

Who's gettin' the boot? Patrice